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Charity Bowl for July and August 2018 - Rochester Poverty & Hope Appeal 2018

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Charity Bowl for July and August 2018 – Rochester Poverty & Hope Appeal 2018

7 August 0201

The 2018 Diocese of Rochester Poverty and Hope Appeal was launched on May 11th. Bishop James said that ‘at the heart of the gospel is Jesus’ call to love one another, and to look after those who are most vulnerable. One way that our diocese responds to this call is through our annual Poverty and Hope Appeal. We know that as Christians we cannot ignore poverty, injustice and exploitation, and we therefore seek to be instruments of change’.

The Poverty and Hope Appeal raises funds to support projects overseas and in Kent, that aim to tackle issues that lie at the heart of poverty – agriculture, education, empowerment of disadvantaged people and communities, and healthcare. Projects are usually supported for three years, to provide stability and to help them grow and become self-sustaining. This year the Appeal focuses on:

Sri Lanka – advocacy, intervention and rehabilitation for children who have been traumatised through experiences of exploitation and abuse. Newly supported this year as the diocese starts a three year programme to help the Church of England work to support victims of modern slavery and exploitation.

Zimbabwe – tackling HIV/AIDS stigma across four dioceses in Zimbabwe, including our companion diocese of Harare. Newly supported this year.

Burkina Faso – improving food security and alleviating hardship in the face of an increasingly unpredictable climate by helping communities develop their agriculture.

Democratic Republic of Congo – helping members of marginalised communities understand their rights and work with local authorities to secure resources and assistance.

Kent – helping young people of all ages and abilities explore global issues of injustice, poverty, sustainability and peace-building through Commonwork Trust at Bore Place, Chiddingstone.

We will be collecting donations through the Charity Bowl during the months of July and August.

Chris Martin

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